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Google Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Google is a powerful search engine and has a stronghold on the Internet market. Therefore, many Internet business entrepreneurs look to Google for help in promoting their Internet business. Google has several features that can be used to your advantage including a Google AdWords Campaign and increasing your placement in the Google search engine results.A Google AdWords campaign is easy to setup. The key is to set up your Google AdWords account and advertisements properly in order to garner impressions and clicks on your advertisements. The advertisements you run in your Google AdWords campaign need to be tested and tweaked on a daily or weekly basis.You should run two to three advertisements at a time and analyze the impressions and clicks each advertisement yields. In most cases, you should only change one element of your advertisement at a time and then run another test. The reason to change just one element, such as the headline, is because it will help you pinpoint which areas of your advertisement are effective or are dead weight.While tweaking one piece at a time is the recommended course of action, there are instances when you may have to overhaul your entire advertisement. These instances are rare, but can occur. For example, let’s say that you have set up a Google AdWords advertisement that gets impressions, but zero clicks. If you do not receive any clicks then you should redo your entire advertisement. The reason you want to change your entire advertisement is that you need to at least get some clicks and the current advertisement you have did not achieve this.Another Google feature is placement in their search engine listings. One way to improve your placement on the Google search engine results is to link with webpages that have a high Google page rank. A webpage with a high Google page rank will have several back links.Strive to find a website that has a high number of back links, but not just any back links. The back links should be to websites that are indexed in Google. If the back link is not indexed in Google then you will not receive credit for the link. Google won’t recognize the link as being valuable. Remember, Google looks for valuable back links and the more you have, the higher your placement in the Google search engine results.Google also has a great program that can help you track your websites. The program is called “Google Analytics” at Google Analytics is powerful, free, and provides a wealth of information and parameters. An added bonus is that is easy to set up.